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specialist tutors for Dyscalculia (SpLDs)

Maths BoardTeachers qualified to teach pupils with dyscalculia, undertake further specialist training. Therefore it is important to ensure that tutors you pick are suitably qualified to teach you/your child.

There are many private tutors who work from home in the evening. Lessons take place after school. If you want to find a specialist tutor, word of mouth is the best recommendation.

But please make sure the specialist teachers:

* Are suitably qualified with a SpLD qualification.
* Regularly update their knowledge with suitable courses.
* Have references available.
* Have Certificates confirming police checks.

When teaching, does the teacher:
* Use a multi-sensory programme such as Hickey, Alpha to Omega etc?
* Feel qualified to undertake further assessments, as necessary?
* Have computer software to reinforce what the child has learnt and to stop the child from being bored?
* Follow the recommendations from any psychologist’s, school reports etc that are available?
* Liaise with the school as necessary?
* Give homework each week?
* Test at regular intervals to ensure progress is being made?
* Give out regular progress reports and do they charge extra for them?

To find a specialist tutor for dyscalculia in your area, go to our 'online directory'.



'dyslexia and other learning difficulties - a parent's guide' - book

BookMy book: 'Dyslexia and Other Learning Difficulties - A Parent's Guide' has been updated and re-released in January 2010. It contains extensive information on dyslexia, dysgraphia and other specific learning difficulties (SpLDs).


For a fuller description of 'Dyslexia and Other Learning Difficulties - A Parent's Guide' please click here.



'dyslexia and alternative therapies' - bookBook

My book: 'Dyslexia and Alternative Therapies' contains information on a wide range of alternative therapies and the way they can help people with dyslexia, dysgraphia and other specific learning difficulties (SpLDs).


For a fuller description of 'Dyslexia and Alternative Therapies' please click here.






Up-dated: 6 May, 2011