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learning difficulties: everything for dyscalculia!



On this part of the site you will find comprehensive information on: What is Dyscalculia?; Definition of Dyscalculia, What Causes Dyscalculia; Dyscalculia Checklist; Dyscalculia Test; Dyscalculia Workbook; Dyscalculia Aids & Equipment; Dyscalculia Treatment - How You Can Help; Software for Dyscalculia; Help & Advice and a Dyscalculia Book List.




will also find a section on: Looking for schools that specialise in Dyslexia / Dyscalculia; Psychologists who can test for Dyslexia / Dyscalculia; Dyslexia / Dyscalculia Test Centres and how to find a specialist tutor in your area.