Don Johnston, Special Education Publisher – Inducted into 2011 Hall of Fame

Don Johnston, CEO and founder of the special education company that bears  his name   was selected for induction into the AEP 2011 Educational Publishing Hall of  Fame. The prestigious AEP Hall of Fame pays tribute to industry leaders who have  made remarkable and lasting contributions to K-12 education and educational  publishing.

The prestigious AEP Hall of Fame pays tribute to industry leaders who have made remarkable and  lasting contributions to K-12 education and educational publishing. Since 1980, Don Johnston has pioneered several assistive technology  products  and was instrumental in popularizing assistive technologies that support  children with physical, cognitive and learning disabilities, such as dyslexia  and autism.

“I am honored to be recognized by my peers and colleagues,” said Mr.  Johnston. “Our philosophy has always been that students with learning  difficulties just learn differently and we design products that address those  learning differences UNTIL they are successful. As students build up their  confidence, they break the cycle of failure and succeed in school and in life.  This award is a tribute to all of our employees and customers who tirelessly  work to ensure that more students with disabilities reach their true learning  potential.”

For over 30 years, Johnston’s commitment to special education has paved the  way for numerous publishers, educators and researchers to create new tools and  learning expectations for students with disabilities. He is well known for his  advocacy on disability issues and for bringing a literacy focus to assistive  technology tools that accommodate students with disabilities.

“AEP is thrilled that Mr. Johnston will be a part of the Class of 2011,” said  Charlene Gaynor, CEO of AEP. “Don’s life-long commitment to ensuring that  students with learning differences have access to the tools and materials that  give them the best chance to succeed truly exemplifies the spirit of our Hall of  Fame award. In addition, his philanthropic work in Kenya and continued advocacy  shows his dedication to children around the world.”

Don Johnston’s company offers more than a dozen assistive technology tools  including Read:OutLoud, an accessible text reader that reads digital content and  the Internet aloud and Co:Writer, a word predication writing tool that helps  students write with proper grammar and spelling. The company’s products support  thousands of educators and families across the U.S., Canada and the UK. Don and wife, Cheryll are also involved in  humanitarian projects, most recently sponsoring students and schools in Kenya,  Africa.

Don Johnston develops accessible reading and writing technologies to support  K-12 and postsecondary students with cognitive, physical, and learning  disabilities. Since 1980, the special education company has partnered with  literacy experts, AT specialists, SLPs, OTs, special education teachers,  university researchers and DSS coordinators to improve access to learning and to  increase reading and writing independence. Students and individuals with  dyslexia, autism, dysgraphia and diverse learning challenges will  benefit from software and hardware devices that accommodate their learning needs  in schools , the workforce and at home.

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Volo, IL (PRWEB) June 22, 2011

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  1. AT Advocate

    Thank you Dyslexia Lady for celebrating a truly committed individual dedicated to children with special needs. Don is one in a million CEO’s and his family run company does a great job at supporting teachers and school administrators.

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