Congratulations to Tom Pollereau, who is dyslexic for winning The Apprentice 2011

Tom Pellereau Winnder of The Apprentice
Tom Pellereau Winner of The Apprentice

The 31-year-old inventor also said that his dyslexia had given him specific skills and talents when it came to product design.

“I was in some ways very lucky because from a young age I was very bad at certain things, so that meant I was always going to do science, engineering and design,” he said.

“I discovered I could do things better than other people. If I had an idea, I could visualise it in my brain and spin it around.

“Not everyone can do that. Dyslexia for me has always been a massive positive. I was so lucky that computers came out when I was starting to write essays.”

Ironically, Alan Sugar’s Amstrad computer company played a part. “The very first computer my granddad gave me,” Pellereau explained, “was an Amstrad 1512.”

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Maria Chivers is married with two children and lives in Swindon, UK. Maria is an international author and writes on: Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia; Dyspraxia; ADHD and other Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs).

3 responses to Congratulations to Tom Pollereau, who is dyslexic for winning The Apprentice 2011

  1. dawn

    Well done Tom,
    I am so glad that you mentioned your dyslexia, as it helps to demonstrate that being dyslexic doen not mean you are ‘stupid, can not read, and thick!’. I am dylsexic and found out at 42 years old,

    I obtained all my formal qualififications when I left school [ '0' levels, 'A; levels , Degree etc] without any help or assistance, as nobody new that I was dyslexic .

  2. Meg

    well done to tom , I am so glad that you mentioned your dyslexia. aslo i have it , iam studying Fashion retail which i did think i ever do wen i was growing up,

    so u mentioning that your dyslexic , helps me other people aim higher in life

    well done wining :) amazing role model people have dyslexia or any disability shows u can do anything you put your mind to it :) xx

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