Brain training for dyslexia and dysgraphia

Brain training for dyslexia and dysgraphia. Yet another study showed that intensive brain training to strengthen certain cognitive skills is what really works for dyslexia and dysgraphia.

The study tracked fifty 9-year-olds who had reading and writing struggles and who received forty minutes of brain training for twelve weeks. This group of struggling students was called Group #1. Another group of similarly situated students, called Group #2, was given traditional “remedial tutoring” that is offered by public schools in place of brain training. Students in Group #1 worked on linking phonemes and graphemes (sounds and letters); phonetic awareness; guided oral reading; and reading in general (to strengthen reading fluency and speed). There was also “space for creativity, play and curiosity.” Group #1 made significantly more progress AND had higher self-esteem and self-confidence than Group #2. After individualized brain training, students in Group #1 also tested better in word decoding, spelling, reading speed and reading comprehension than their peers who received traditional tutoring.Learn more

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Marcia Douglas

Marcia Douglas



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